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HSC Newsletter / May 2017

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Generic PBX Interface

This interface uses a simple HTTP/S post/get method used by many web based interfaces to send this information to a remote host. This remote host may be located on the local network or even on a remote server on the internet. The host may be written in any language suitable for the remote party, this includes PHP, C#, and C/C++.
The gateway function setting up the connection between PBX and a front office (F/O) system serves as the basic application. HSC Connect is used between PBX and the front office system. This provides PBX system manufacturers with a simple, standardized hotel interface. The protocol description is available to any PBX system manufacturer.

The features made available by this Generic PBX hotel interface include:

  • Check-in/check-out with class-of-service changeover
  • Entry of name for caller identification
  • Determining call costs
  • Wake-up service
  • Room status
  • Use of the minibar
  • Receiving a message (Message Waiting lamp)
  • Do-not-disturb
  • A hotel-specific VoiceMail system

hsc connect generic pbx interface

HSC IVR* System provides hotels with several important benefits

Automatic Attendant

The Automatic Attendant forwards incoming calls to the hotel number automatically to the appropriate destination by using the possibilities of information prompts combined with an automatic transfer after the caller enters a digit.
The Automatic Attendant enables you to customize the workflow in your hotel, whether for advertising messages or through use of the individual announcement tree (press 1 for Reception or 2 for Room Service...). The available schedules expand the possible use cases, since the workflows for incoming calls can be automatically switched, depending on the day of the week and the time of day. For example, outside business hours, incoming calls can be automatically routed to the reception.
Based on the incoming call number, an individual announcement, e.g., in a country-specific language, can be played.

Automatic Guest Services (requires Service Tracking license)

  • Fully configurable Guest Services menu
  • Unique Services based on Guest room/class
  • Configurable PIN
  • Access to current time
  • Access to weather forecast
  • Room services ordering (with automatic task dispatching)
  • And much more

 Further info about HSC suite of Hospitality applications is available:

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*HSC IVR is currently only available for Windows OS

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